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14th MAR: Singer Songwriters Are Overrated (Bristol, UK)

•• The Prosaics ••


'Intelligent electro pop for a generation fed up of being force fed manufactured "bubble gum reality" pop'- (photogroupie.com)

‘treads in size tens on Morrisey’s bloated toes as the king of teenage bedroom diary angst’- (ratsontherun.wordpress.com)


The Prosaics is the pseudonym of singer & multi-instrumentalist A.G. Williams.


A gritty, disgruntled, English-folk artist, tired of the singer-songwriter's traditional formula; A.G. uses his passion for antique, quirky synthesisers as the musical accompaniment for his darkly humorous storytelling. He croons over iconic 808 drum machine grooves and vintage analogue circuitry, making his live performance visually as well as audibly engaging and unique.

Whilst both appreciating and at times incorporating the 'traditional' aspect of his folk roots; from his use of harmonica and iconic DIY cigar-box guitar, to his topical exploration of people & places, the everyday, the 'prosaic' things in life...  A.G. seeks to make pop music with a twist, something his increasing and loyal fanbase are drawn to.

The Prosaics has headlined and performed at various festivals and venues across the UK, alongside esteemed acts such as The Magic Gang, The Amazons, Mystery Jets etc. His following in the local scene is constantly growing and he is thought of as an artist with a bright future ahead.

The Prosaics' songs are far from prosaic. In fact, he's hardly prosaic at all...


Facebook: www.facebook.com/theprosaics
Official Site: www.theprosaics.co.uk
Instagram: www.instagram.com/theprosaics
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvjdJ2I9hf4 (LIVE from Komedia)


The latest single 'The Shipping Forecast, Pt.2' can be found on all major online & streaming platforms via this link here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/theprosaics/the-shipping-forecast-pt-2


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