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November 2017: Eye of a hawk

Another busy month in studio culminated with us working in another- this time the photo kind with renowned photographer Colin Hawkins (colinhawkeye photography). It was truly exciting and memorable collaborating. The below image is one from the shoot- no filters, no effects, no post-production...straight outta the camera!

This month also brought us the great pleasure of supporting indie, Bjork-esque, synth-pop band from The Netherlands; 'L'asset' -we hope to work together again in the future. We too supported Glastonbury Festival headliners of the BBC Introducing Stage, The Bay Rays at the historic venue of The Penny Theatre. Having shared the stage with this band on festival platforms such as City Sound Project before, it was a pleasure to finally put on a gig together, the first of many we hope! The Prosaics also returned to The Nest in order to support indie music in the local scene and as of such are now featured in a documentary on local indie music- information for which can be found on our social media. That's all for now- exciting stuff ahead, The Prozzies X

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